Vanessa Greenwell

I Had Nowhere Else to Go! Whines Misfit Mommy After 2-yr-old Daughter Found Living In Filth & Feces

(CAPE CORAL, FL) Police arrested a Cape Coral woman on Wednesday and charged her with child neglect after they discovered   she and her daughter were living in filth. Vanessa   Greenwell , 20, and her daughter were found in a home that was infested with cockroaches, piled with garbage,   and packed with dog urine and feces. Authorities say that while [...]

Donald Collins

Texas Judge Rules Man Can Be Tried as Adult 15 Years Later

(CONROE, TX) – Donald Collins was only 13 years old when he allegedly doused an 8-year-old boy in gasoline and set him on fire. Thursday Montgomery County Judge Kathleen Hamilton ruled that Collins, now 28, will be tried as an adult in the murder of Robbie Middleton. Middleton survived the initial attack, which left him [...]

Andy Gayot

Long Island Woman & Teen Held Captive, Forced into Prostitution

(LINDENHURST, NY) – A 21-year-old woman and a teenage girl were rescued from a Long Island home last week after officials sensed something amiss after the suspect’s previous visit by the probation officer. Andy Gayot, 35, was arrested February 26th on several charges after Suffolk County police, probation officers and the FBI worked on the [...]

Stars in Hingham, Mass

Woman Leaves Baby in Car to Order Another Drink

(HINGHAM, MA) – A 21-year-old Massachusetts woman was arrested last Thursday after she left her newborn baby in the car in freezing temperatures so she could order another drink. At around 8:30 a.m., Stacy Ducharme sat at the bar at Stars on Hingham Harbor restaurant, and ordered a vodka with Monster energy drink. At her feet was her ten-week-old [...]

Micheal Luecke

Substitute Teacher Nabbed for Pleasuring Himself at School

(STAMFORD, CT) A substitute teacher at a Connecticut high school was arrested on Wednesday, for   allegedly  playing pocket pool while ogling students in the courtyard from a stairwell. Stamford police were called to Westhill High School and arrested Michael Luecke, 72, on Wednesday. He was charged with public indecency,   breach of the peace and risk of injury to a [...]

Philip Seymour Hoffman

Fallen Famous: Philip Seymour Hoffman

So, the latest addition to the TrueCrimeTalk Hall of Shame is Oscar-winning actor Philip Seymour Hoffman, who—while initial autopsy results have been classified as ‘inconclusive’—was found on Super Bowl Sunday on the floor of his office/apartment with a syringe still poking into his arm, and roughly 70 baggies of heroin laying around. Hmnnn. Okay, we’ll wait for the toxicology [...]

Rosemary Vogel

Woman Charged with Attempted Murder for Injecting Feces into Hubby’s IV Line

(CHANDLER, AZ) – Here’s one that’ll turn some stomachs. Police arrested an Arizona woman and charged her with attempted murder after she allegedly injected feces into her husband’s IV line following a heart procedure. According to reports, Rose Mary Vogel, 65, of Sun Lakes, tried to off her 66-year-old husband at Chandler Regional Hospital on Thursday while he [...]

Thug Baby Screencap

‘Thug Baby’ Mom has Toddler Taken Away—And Deservedly So

There are two things bothering me about the developing ‘thug baby’ story out of Omaha, Nebraska. Well, more than two, but I’ll stick with the biggies for now. If you haven’t heard about the thug baby video-which went viral after being posted on the Omaha Police Union’s Facebook page-here it is. Be warned, it’s not safe for work and [...]